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Sun Apr 29 2:00 Bernstein: Candide
Sun May 20 2:00 Kent Nagano: Beethoven Symphony Cycle

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Who we are

The Classical Music Club of Toronto is a music appreciation society founded by gay music lovers but is open to everyone. The Classical Music Club of Toronto meets to hear and discuss classical music. Each programme is lead by a presenter, who has selected the topic and arranged the programme. The contents of the programme are entirely up to the presenter to choose and to organise. Programmes run approximately three hours. There is a program about every three to five weeks. Typically in the winter the programmes are Sunday afternoon, and in the summer Saturday evening. However, the exact times of the programmes can vary - read the calendar carefully!

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The Classical Music Club Toronto invites gay and gay positive music lovers to come to a presentation or two, and give us a try. If you join, membership fees are a modest $25/yr, just $10/yr for seniors and students, and are due each September.

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The calendar listings include all the basic programme information (date, time and subject) and in addition each presenter provides a brief summary of what the programme is to be about. There may be additional information such as links to another web page with a biography or background material about the works being presented.

Where you see [Discography] as a link, the presenter has provided details on the exact performers and recording references. This is usually available within a week of the programme having been given. Only upcoming programmes are listed on the main page, so you will need to locate the programme in the full-season calendars. You will find the links to the current and past seasons listed after the list of upcoming programmes.

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31st Season - Upcoming Programs

Sun Apr 29 2:00

Bernstein: Candide

Based on the writings of Voltaire, this musical by Leonard Bernstein — he always referred to it as an operetta — tells the story of an innocent, optimistic youth and his adventures in the Old and New World. Created at the time of the infamous McCarthy hearings in the U.S., this work satirically examines whether this is, indeed, “the best of all possible worlds”. We will experience a selection of recordings (both audio and video), including one presided over by the composer himself.


Sun May 20 2:00

Kent Nagano: Beethoven Symphony Cycle

This May there is a rare opportunity to hear almost all of Beethoven’s symphonies performed over a short period of time by the same orchestra. L’Orchestre symphonique de Montréal under its Music Director Kent Nagano will present Symphonies Nos. 2-8 between May 27 and 31 at La Maison Symphonique in Montreal. The orchestra has already recorded the complete cycle of symphonies under Maestro Nagano and we will listen to a selection from this important collection.


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