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Sun Mar 26 2:00 In Memoriam: Nikolaus Harnoncourt
Sun Apr 9 2:00 Mozart: Mass in C minor
Sun May 14 2:00 Seven Deadly Sins

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The Classical Music Club of Toronto is a music appreciation society intended for gay and gay positive music lovers. The Classical Music Club of Toronto meets to hear and discuss classical music. Each programme is lead by a presenter, who has selected the topic and arranged the programme. The contents of the programme are entirely up to the presenter to choose and to organise. Programmes run approximately three hours. There is a program about every three to five weeks. Typically in the winter the programmes are Sunday afternoon, and in the summer Saturday evening. However, the exact times of the programmes can vary - read the calendar carefully!

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The Classical Music Club Toronto invites gay and gay positive music lovers to come to a presentation or two, and give us a try. If you join, membership fees are a modest $25/yr, just $10/yr for seniors and students, and are due each September.

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30th Season - Upcoming Programs

Sun Mar 26 2:00

In Memoriam: Nikolaus Harnoncourt

Nikolaus Harnoncourt 1929-06-12 to 2016-05-03

Last year on March 5, Austrian conductor Nikolaus Harnoncourt passed away. He started his career as a cellist in the Vienna Symphony, but soon formed an important question: Why is Baroque music boring to play? His pursuit of historically informed performance practice was thus born and grew internationally. The artificially smooth surface of the old performance style was replaced with accented, vivid rhythm, characteristic tone colours, and rich textures. What used to be uninspiring elegance became the intense energy of Sturm und Drang. The balance of the orchestral parts was totally re-structured and made transparent. Historically informed performance was such a phenomenon in the classical music world after World War II, and Harnoncourt was one of the founders of the movement and always the top runner.

He was active with his own group Concentus Musicus Wien, but also with regular orchestras such as the Concertgebouw, Vienna Philharmonic, and Berlin Philharmonic. Operas in Zurich and at Salzburg Festival were vitalized by Harnoncourt. The attempt of his re-examinations expanded the repertoire far beyond the Baroque to include Classic and Romantic composers even Bruckner or Verdi.

To the one who opened so many doors for us to the unknown charms of music, here is a program of homage in gratitude.


Sun Apr 9 2:00

Mozart: Mass in C minor


Sun May 14 2:00

Seven Deadly Sins


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